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CHAHOV LTD is specialized in the construction and restoration of different kinds roofs and facades with the possibility for their individual aesthetic decision, mounting and equipment for ventilation and aspiration installations, complete metal structures construction, penthouses and refrigerator cells with thermo panels, petrol and gas stations. By using of the heavy duty production line of the German company SCHLEBACH is possible the roof realization with elements variety - plating, domes, borders and faces according to customer desired architectural style. Profile elements mounting, which except flat can be arched with very small radius, is executed by means of the self-moved machine Piccolo.
Using angle lock welt or double lock-welt is achieved better appearance, high reliability and practical impossibility to be destroyed nevertheless the atmospheric conditions. Different kind sheet metal is used as a material:

  • hot galvanized steel - the most widely distributed because of its low priceand comparatively acceptable fitness time limit about 15 years.
  • hot galvanized one side or two sides color-coated steel - wide color range, high elasticity, very good corrosion stopping properties and 30 - 40 years durability.
  • copper - exceptionally impressive, reliable and time resistant material.
  • aluminum, aluzink, titanium zink.
Recommendations for our work are the performed by the company projects:
  • Sports Hall Perushtitsa
  • IPO Karlovo
  • Sports Hall Plovdiv
  • PHILIPEX Plovdiv
  • Galleria Stara Zagora
  • KEN AD
  • Office building
  • Residential building Kazanlak
  • Church Saint Vavedenie Bogorodichno
  • DERONI Haskovo
  • BEROE Stadium
  • Maritza East 2 Power Station
  • Maritza East 1 Power Station
  • 2M PRINT
  • Audi Automobile Salon
  • Mercedes-Benz Service
  • ITA Service
  • IRIDA Autocomplex
  • Warehouse for timber
  • industrial scale
  • GRADUS silos
  • Elinor